Roll Container Trolley

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The base plate is made of plastic, which cuts down on noise when using it, as well as when folding and setting it up.

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Ladder Trolley

Ladder trolley is one of the useful equipment for retails shop, warehouse picking goods between 2.1 m ~ 3 …..

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ST Mobile Ladder

ST Mobile Ladder is designed for picking goods with a standing platform. The unique designed of the ladder trolley…..

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Palletainer are commonly used in the factory or cold storage area to carry materials or products…..

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Foldable Wire Mesh Cage

Gold Wind supply foldabel wire mesh cage for material handling and storage in supermarket, shops and industries.

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Industrial Staircase

Gold Wind Industrial Staircase system designed with 2 safety handrails. Staircase included closed tread steps with open…..

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Handrails System

Gold Wind Handrails System installs to add safety and security almost anywhere on your facility’s floor.

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Cat Ladder

Gold Wind Cat Ladder designed with wide opening access to decking. both side with handle bar for safety.

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