About  Heavy Duty Racking

Frame consist in 2 cold-formed uprights of omega section with multiple sheets, strengthening the resistance to compression and buckling . Frame are provided with a based plate dimension suitable for transferring the upright load to the building floor.

Upright have 2 slotted rows at the front. These slot assure the perfect lateral anchorage of the beams. They are equally provided with 2 lateral rows (One at each side) for fastening the bracing and guaranteeing the placement of auxiliary elements.
It is possible to level-out the beams vertically every 50mm using the upright slots.

Beam are provide with connectors at both edges. These connectors are located at the beam slots, creating a wedge effect and hence assuring the solid and secure connexion between the two elements

Standard Ex-Stock Size


2400mm , 3000mm , 3600mm , 4800mm , 6000mm


600mm , 900mm , 1200mm


1350mm , 1850mm , 2460mm , 2700mm


Plywood , Wire Mesh Decking

* Others Size available upon request.

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