About  Selective Pallet Racking

Selective Pallet Racking is a kind of steel storage rack arranged in either single or back-to-back (double) rows. Each of the rows offers a bay or number of bays in the down aisle direction. Pallets are generally positioned side-by-side in the down-aisle direction at each level of the bay.

The advantage to this configuration of rack is that all pallets are accessible from the facing aisle. Selective rack provides high SKU storage for medium density applications and offers low cost per storage positions.

Benefit of Selective Pallet Racking

Reduced handling as all product is directly available, there is no need to move other pallet to access the pallet you need.

Because every position is a one-pallet position, it allows for clear visibility of product, making stock control easily

Load flexibility for both weight and volume.

Standard Ex-Stock Size


2400mm , 3000mm , 3600mm , 4800mm , 6000mm


600mm , 900mm , 1200mm


1350mm , 1850mm , 2460mm , 2700mm


Plywood , Wire Mesh Decking

* Others Size available upon request.


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