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Modula Lift System

Modula saves up to 90% of Floor space, with storage solutions that can go with storage solutions up to 16m high that can hold up to 70,000kg.


With Modula there is no more wasting time looking for materials and products in the warehouse. No more walking long distances to find what you’re looking for: with just one click, the warehouse brings the goods to you.


Modula lets you reduce risks to workers. Forget ladders, mezzanines, stools or dangerous movements on shelves. All your merchandise is within reach, ensuring safety and ergonomics


With Modula you can limit access to merchandise to authorised personnel only (using badges, passwords or EKS readers) and all withdrawals and deposits are traced or limited to a specific group of people.


With Modula, errors are reduced to zero. No more lists of manual withdrawals, no more trusting your memory or pieces of paper. Operator picking is guided, and the interface shows exactly where to search in the drawer.


No more stock damage, no more endless time spent on inventory. With Modula, stocks are under control and available with one click. Inventory becomes very easy.

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