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Are you familiar with the term “steel racking”?

A steel rack is an industrial racking system in a single or double-row steel storage rack. Each row features a bay or many bays in the down aisle directions. Pallets are normally piled side by side in a down-aisle pattern at each level of the bay.


  • The facing aisle gives you access to all the pallets.
  • Low cost per storage spot for medium density applications
  • High SKU storage

Pallet flow industrial racking systems grant faster throughput of stock and improve productivity.

Everything you need to know about pallet flow steel racking is right here!

Pallet flow racking has a number of storage benefits;

  • High-density storage saves space by having fewer aisles.
  • FIFO (first in, first out) storage and continuous production rotation
  • Pick aisle faces are constantly filled for simultaneous operation.
  • Shorter travel times enhance order picking efficiency and productivity.
  • Fork truck traffic and people are kept safe by having separate loading and order picking alleys.
  • Pallets of various sizes and weights can flow over the same flow track system, giving it flexibility.

Pallet Flow Racks: Considerations

  • The bottom boards must not be damaged or missing, and the pallets must be in good condition.
  • On pallets, product loads must be secure and strong.
  • During the design phase, load overhang must be taken into account.
  • The type of goods determines whether it is a solid or a bag/sack load.
  • Based on the height of the ceiling and the available space, a system can be created that meets your needs without any limits.

Pallet flow racks come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

  • Track with a full roller bed
  • Wheel tracks that are staggered
  • System with three tracks
  • Any of the above tracks in combination.

You may increase efficiency and throughput while saving money by using a pallet flow rack system. Allow Gold Wind to assist you with the design, implementation, and supply of your pallet flow racking system. The highly trained crew will address your concerns regarding pallet rotation by designing pallet flow racks to fulfill all your needs.

You can also select other types of pallet racking systems from a wide collection when you shop at Gold Wind Engineering.

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