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Cantilever Racking System

Cantilever rack is consist of upright, cantilever, arm bracings. It is widely used in the machining, building materials & supermarkets to store the long & special items.

The upright is welded face to face by two cold rolling C shaped steel, which is a common structure all over the word.

The advantages are light weight, high capacity, low cost, economical & aesthetic.

There are two row holes with distance 140(50)mm in the upright, the height of per level can be adjusted by yourself to meet the different requirements.

  • Advantage for long items like piping materials
  • Free access without any column blocking at front
  • Loading capacity : 1500kgs ~ 3000 kgs UDL Per Level
  • Design and Build System
  • Usually Height : 2400mm / 3000mm / 4500mm / 5800mm
  • Usually arm : 1000mm ~ 1200mm

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