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Pallet Flow Rack System

Pallet Flow Rack System – Gold Wind Engineering Pte Ltd

Gold Wind helps you to find the perfect warehouse shelving systems for your requirements. Whether you’re in the automotive, manufacturing, or any other industry, Gold Wind has a range of storage racks and warehouse solutions for you to choose from their selective racking and mobile pallet racking systems.

Do you know what a pallet racking system is?

A selective pallet racking system is a type of steel storage rack that can be set up in single or double rows. In the down aisle directions, each row has a bay or several bays. At each level of the bay, pallets are typically stacked side by side in a down-aisle fashion.

The benefit is that the facing aisle provides access to all pallets. They also offer cheap cost per storage spot and high SKU storage for medium density applications.

Gold wind pallet racking systems have been meticulously engineered and tested to help increase safety and improve the efficiency of your warehouse space. And if you’re a company with a large stock inventory, the Gold Wind racking system can certainly help.

Gold Wind has completed numerous pallet racking projects in Singapore and will install pallet racking systems that would help address your warehouse needs and enhance business productivity and profitability to a greater extent.

Gold Wind also understands that as your business grows, your need for warehouse solutions and pallet racking systems also increases.

Standard ex-Stock size


2400mm , 3000mm , 3600mm , 4800mm , 6000mm


600mm, 900mm, 1200mm


1350mm , 1850mm , 2460mm , 2700mm , 3000mm , 3300mm , 3600mm


Plywood, Wire Mesh Decking

* Other sizes are available upon request.

Here’s all you need to know about the pallet flow rack!

Pallets travel automatically from the loading face to the order picking face on the pallet flow rack, allowing for faster stock throughput with little handling. After pallets are loaded from the back of the system, each pallet flow section features roller lanes attached to rack beams at a little inclination to allow pallets to flow smoothly down to the picking face. With FIFO live pallet storage, this improves stock rotation and eliminates waste of fresh and data-sensitive products. Pallet flow storage can improve warehouse productivity, storage capacity, and efficiency, resulting in a high return on investment.

Pallet flow racking has several storage advantages;

  • With fewer aisles, high-density storage saves space.
  • Storage with FIFO (first in, first out) and continual production rotation.
  • For simultaneous operation, pick aisle faces are constantly filled.
  • Order picking efficiencies and productivity improve with shorter transit durations.
  • Separate loading and order picking aisles serve to ensure that fork truck traffic and people are kept safe.
  • Different sizes and weight pallets can flow within the same flow track system, giving it versatility.

Considerations for pallet flow racks

  • The pallets must be in good shape, with no cracked or missing bottom boards.
  • Product loads must be secure and sturdy on pallets.
  • Load overhang must be considered throughout the design process.
  • Whether the product is a solid or a bag/sack load depends on the type of product.
  • A system can be developed by matching your demands without any constraints based on the height of the ceiling and the available area.

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